Peter Hollingsworth

Assistant Provincial Grand Master



L0276    Lodge of Good Fellowship
L0453    Chigwell
L1977    Blackwater
L2256    Warner
L2339    Mistley
L2561    West Essex
L2976    Comrades
L3298    Crowstone
L3353    Lucton
L3394    Undine
L3798    Benfleet
L3804    Essex United Service
L4053    Villerica
L4221    St. Philip
L4240    Sir Francis Drake
L4738    Tollesbury
L4757    Thurrock
L4879    Avilion
L5403    Old Southendian
L5447    Hadleigh Castle
L5510    Chafford
L5790    Hornchurch
L6381    Sylvan
L6403    Manor of Newland
L6519    Saint Cedd
L6520    Fair-lop Oak
L6804    Leigh Chase
L6884    Gunfleet
L6998    Holy Mount
L7070    Old Church
L7311    Old Loughtonians
L7808    Crossed Keys
L7978    Lodge of Beneficence
L9026    Ashingdon
L9133    St Helen & St Giles
L9137    Stonewell
L9280    Netteswell Cross
L9806    Daylight Lodge of Hutton
L9968    Essex Cornerstone

About Peter

Peter was born in the East of London, he lived in Leyton and Walthamstow with parents before the family moved to Chingford when he was teenager. He married and moved away, but latterly has returned and currently resides in the area again.

Peter attended the local Grammar school, Sir George Monoux. After brief employment as a civil servant, he got bored with the Home Office and  turned his hobby and passion of cars into a full-time profession. Over the years he built this into a thriving business fixing, repairing and restoring cars. This included at various times owning petrol stations, a main dealership and various MoT test centres. This is still a passion and a business today.

Peter lives with his long-term partner, Jenny and has two sons from a previous marriage. Jenny tries to teach him Mandarin and tolerates his schoolboy version of this Ancient and Poetic language.

Passions and hobbies: (apart from Freemasonry) include Scuba diving. Peter qualified as a PADI dive instructor over 25 years ago, and also specialised in Trimix and rebreather diving and underwater photography. Peter enjoys collecting and restoring American and Classic cars, Clay pigeon shooting, travelling and eating out. These have all been affected by the various Lockdowns that we have encountered as a nation, however he and Jenny do whatever they can whenever they can.

Peter was Initiated into Freemasonry way back in 1989, to the Chingford Lodge. He was later Exalted into the Royal Arch in 1994, and has held active Provincial Offices in both the Craft and Royal Arch. Currently  an  Assistant Provincial Grand Master in Essex, additionally a member of several other Lodges and Chapters in the Province. He also enjoys membership of Mark, RAM and Knights Templar. He only joined the Knights Templar In recent years, and finds the regalia amusing, butenjoys it immensely.

Current Challenges: He work hard in the Province as a member of Provincial Executive, who as a team ensure the Membership of the Lodges in Essex are kept well informed with the ever changing CV-19 news, charitable initiatives, membership retention strategies etc. He has also been involved with our Masonic Centres, the Essex Mason shop, the Essex Mason magazine and currently assists the rest of the team wherever needed.

Peter Hollingsworth