Neil Beverley

Assistant Provincial Grand Master



L697        United
L1457      Bagshaw
L2005      Brooke
L2342      Easterford
L2508      Thomas Ralling
L3610      Nore
L3859      Vigilance
L4043      Thames Estuary
L4220      Wickford
L6204      Hockley
L6444      Maritima
L6718      Wanstead Park
L6825      Spero
L6992      Lodge of United Progress
L7145      Redbridge
L7497      Crouch
L7580      Ridgeway
L7669      High Beach
L7795      Harlowbury
L8805      Parndon Magna
L9296      Essex Hinge of Friendship
L9307      Mitre
L9310      West Essex Round Table
L9314      Sion
L9427      Essex Border
L9448      Sibelius
L9474      Concorde of Stansted
L9486      Sancto Claro
L9550      Lodge of Enlightenment
L9578      North Essex Round Table
L9579      Saint Francis
L9609      Buttsbury Loyal Citizens
L9715      Meridies Colcestriae
L9723      Southend Daylight
L9759      Universal Friendship
L9774      Braintree Saint George
L9944      Lodge of XV

About Neil

Born in Nottingham I then spent my childhood travelling around, following my father’s career as a journalist. I tend to think of Manchester as my early home but my time there was split with nearly 3 years in Nairobi, before settling in Southend. Married to Sue in 2011, we share a large family supplemented with a crazy Great Dane, 3 “normal” dogs and a cat! 2 years after leaving school I joined my brother to build his business from a small wholesale company to a major International Toy, Gift and Housewares import company. Before retiring in 2017 I was Director of IT, Logistics and Facilities Management.

I used to be a keen skier and still try to get on the slopes once a year. In days gone by, I had a Private Pilot’s Licence. I don’t like gardening but really happy taking on major landscaping projects, especially ones that seem too big, so I do them anyway. But my passion since the 1980s has been shooting - a specialised form of target shooting with shotguns. I am an international Range Master and have delivered training courses around the world, training match officials but also new participants in the sport. I can even lay claim to writing the current international rulebook for the sport. I have competed as a member of UK teams and have participated in 4 World Championships, 3 European Championships, an AustralAsian championship and a Pan American Championship. In the 90s I was British Champion in my particular discipline for 6 years. Also a member of the Essex Masonic Clay Shooting Association.

Initiated into Thames Mouth Lodge 6994 in 1989 I progressed fairly quickly through the offices and served 4 years as DC and 3 as Secretary. I was appointed as ProvGStwd in 1998 and served for 2 years as ADC then 5 years as DC in the Essex Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge. For the Province, I was also honoured to serve as Provincial Sword Bearer and later as Senior Warden in the Craft and as Steward and then Sword Bearer in the Royal Arch. I was a director of the Southend Masonic Centre for 7 years, being in the office at the time of the move from Woodgrange Drive to Saxon Hall. 

As a fan of “themed” Lodges, I am delighted that we now have our rugby Lodge, Lodge of XV, and will soon consecrate both a cricket Lodge and a shooting and fishing Lodge.

I have had the privilege to serve on a number of charity committees including Chairman of Orange Aid and 8Aid but my most favourite is the TLC Appeal, which was an idea I conceived following the visit of a Lodge member and his wife to an Essex A & E. I sought the help of Brian Procter, our Lodge APGM (subsequently DepPGM) and together, subsequently helped by others, we got the TLC Teddy project off the ground to become the huge success it is today.

Appointed as an APGM in 2016 I look after the Group 7 Lodges. In addition to the normal duties of an APGM, I also look after a number of IT requirements producing reports and statistics from Adelphi data, as required for management information. I am Chairman of the Essex Hermes Project Steering Group.

Neil Beverley