Reverend Martin Howse

Assistant Provincial Grand Master



L0433    Lodge of Hope
L1343    Saint John's
L1734    Trinity
L1817    St Andrew's
L2184    Royal Victorian Jubilee
L2255    Philbrick
L2291    West Ham Abbey
L2504    Earl of Warwick
L2749    Seven Kings
L2859    Chingford
L3604    Bromley Priory
L4272    Brownswood
L4640    Hutton
L4708    Leigh-on-Sea
L4960    Herongate
L5058    Heath Park
L5167    Ingatestone
L5225    Thundersley
L5534    Mersea Island
L5621    Loxford
L5899    Knighton
L6026    Hamlet Court
L7017    Beeleigh Abbey
L7144    Ilford Castle
L7266    Earlham
L7281    Audley
L7759    Boswells
L7881    Stondon Massey
L7904    Goodwill
L8147    Thamestide
L8209    Ostrea
L8217    Round Table Lodge of Essex
L8230    Bulphan
L8680    Fellowship and Unity
L9016    Wheel of Fellowship
L9647    Aeronautical
L9729    Essex Millennium
L9781    Lux Solis

About Martin

Martin was born in Barkingside in 1958. After completing his education, Martin pursued a varied career path, including working as a Trade Union Officer, specialising in Health & Safety situations; He’s never lost an industrial tribunal case. Following a merger and re-organisation in his employing union, Martin and his wife went into retailing. An unexpected course of events led to him being ordained into the Church in 1999.

Martin now ministers in Rush Green near Romford, where his wife acts as his version of ‘Mrs Doyle’. Given that a certain East London former Iron Work football team train near the church he has a duty to support them, though he really supports Colchester United.

Martin was initiated into the Clayhall Lodge No 8730 at Upminster in June 1980 and became Worshipful Master in 1989; he remains the Lodge Treasurer, an office he has held on and off for many years. He is also a member of seven other Lodges, some of which he helped to found, and has a number of additional honorary memberships from either being that Lodges consecrating Chaplain or having dedicated their lodge banners. (In his Time as the Provincial Grand Chaplain, Martin dedicated over 50 banners, including some for the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London). He was exalted into the Peverell Chapter No 7743 in Witham in 1984 and subsequently joined or founded 3 other Chapters. He holds the rank of Past Senior Grand Deacon in the Craft and Past Grand Assistant Director of Ceremonies in the Royal Arch.

He is a member of many of the additional Orders including the - Rose Croix, Mark, Royal Ark Mariners, Knights Templar, Knight Templar Priests, Red Cross of Constantine, Scarlet Cord, Order of the Secret Monitor and the Royal Order of Scotland.

Martin was appointed as a Provincial Grand Steward in the Craft in 1991 and at the time of his 40thanniversary as a Freemason had spent 19 years as an active Provincial Officer and for 9 of those years he was also a Royal Arch Visiting or Senior Visiting Officer for The Metropolitan Grand Chapter of London

Duties: The role of an Assistant Provincial Grand Master are to assist and to deputise for the Provincial Grand Mater and at times for his Deputy in the effective and efficient leadership of the Province of Essex and to assist in supporting a group of Lodges therein. Martin currently has a group of 36 lodges to look after as well a responsibility for the University Scheme and for the Essex Light Blues Association (ELBA). Additionally, the APGM’s, support or represent the Provincial Grand Master at Masonic occasions within the Province as well as representing the Province on significant Masonic occasions in other Provinces.

Martin Howse