Geoff Turpin

Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies


Duties of the Provincial Director of Ceremonies

The role of the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies (ProvGDC) is to attend upon the Provincial Grand Master or his Deputy on official visits to Lodges within the Province and to ensure that the proper protocols and courtesies are maintained.

He is responsible for the organisation and planning of Ceremonial at the annual meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge. This is traditionally held in March in The Grand Temple at Great Queen Street, London.

He is also responsible for the organisation and planning of Ceremonial within the Province at such occasions as Consecrations, Centenaries, other Anniversaries, and Pan Essex meetings. Again this is to maintain Provincial protocol in an accurate and dignified manner.

The ProvGDC has a team of three Provincial Deputy Grand Directors of Ceremonies (ProvDepDCs), eight Provincial Assistant Grand Directors of Ceremonies (ProvAGDCs) and sixteen Provincial Grand Stewards (ProvGStwds).

The ProvGDC has responsibility for the assignment of visits to the ProvGStwds. They escort the Provincial Senior and Provincial Junior Grand Wardens when they visit officially on behalf of an Assistant Provincial Grand Master (APGM).

Due to the large number of official visits that the APGMs have, it is the ProvDepDCs who have the responsibility for the organisation and planning of all meetings to which there is an official attendance by an APGM. Either they or a ProvAGDC will escort the APGM.

The ProvGDC, with the ProvDepGDCs, arrange training sessions for all newly appointed active Provincial Officers who will take part in Provincial Ceremonial. As well as the ProvAGDCs and ProvGStwds this has now been extended to include the Provincial Grand Sword Bearer, his Deputy and Assistant. The Provincial Grand Standard Bearers and the Provincial Senior and Junior Grand Deacons.

About Geoff

I’ve always lived in Essex. I was born in Romford and grew up in Dagenham. I left school in 1976 and completed an Apprenticeship as a Maintenance Engineer with Londo n Transport.

Following redundancy in 1988, I continued in the same field as a contractor and have been self-employed ever since.

I was initiated into Warner Lodge in 1997 and Exalted into Warner Chapter in 1998.

I was Master in 2004-05 and made a Steward in 2006, promoted to PProvDepGSwdB in 2010 and ProvDepGDC in 2012 and ProvGDC in 2019. I was appointed to Grand Rank, PAGDC, in 2015.

In the Royal Arch I was MEZ in 2008 and made a Steward in 2010, Promoted to PPGSoj in 2014, ProvGDC in 2015. I was then appointed to Grand Rank, PGStB, in 2017.

I’ve lived in North Essex for the last 25 years with my wife Sandra, we have 3 Golden Retrievers and a variety of other animals. I have two sons, from my first marriage, Adam who’s 34 and Dan who’s 31.

Aside from Freemasonry, I’m a keen cyclist and an avid fan of F1 and Motogp. 

                                                    Geoff Turpin