Paul Palmer

Monkhams Centenary

We send our fraternal congratulations to all the Brethren of Monkhams Lodge No 4161 which was Consecrated at Freemasons Hall on 30th November 1920.  Named after Monkhams Hall, the family home of the Primus Master W Bro Sir Richard Beale Colvin who became the first APGM when the office was created in 1924 and PGM for Essex in 1929. 

A distinguished Army Officer, MP, DL and JP, W Bro Colvin also served Essex as a High Sheriff and Lord Lieutenant.  He was awarded the CB in 1901 and KCB in 1934.  In July 1929 one of the leading Masonic publications in the USA wrote about the 141st Anniversary Festival of the Royal Masonic Institution for Girls:

“It is interesting to note that over $350,000 was subscribed for the work of this enterprise. R.W. Bro. Brigadier-General Richard Beale Colvin, Provincial Grand Master of Essex, was chairman of this year's festival. His province outranked all others in contributions; the sum subscribed being over $150,000 [equivalent to over £1.75m today]” . . . What could not the Masons of this country do for charity if they showed as much real interest in regard to this basic tenet of the Fraternity?”

If the legendary ‘Master of Monkhams’ could be with us on the Centenary of the Consecration of Monkhams Lodge, he would no doubt encourage every Essex Mason to continue giving their support for the Essex 2022 Festival so that the Province can once more be acclaimed internationally for its charitable giving.


Saxon Hall helping our NHS

Saxon Hall, home to Freemasons in south east Essex, might be in lockdown with the rest of the country, but it continues to do its bit for the health of the country – helping the NHS, the ambulance service and the Red Cross.

The Pandemic means change for everyone and that includes, Saxon Hall’s flagship banqueting suite – the Jubilee – which will be turned into a temporary blood donation centre on selected days during the winter.

The Service have chosen the centre as it is big enough to cope with the numbers expected locally who want to give blood – and in case you were wondering - this is how the suite, usually reserved for dinners and dances, looked earlier this month after the NHS had installed all of its equipment.

Dennis Baum, Chairman of Saxon Hall commented: “In normal times Saxon Hall would be hosting at least two Masonic meetings every day and a wide range of other social events such as conferences and dinner dances.”

“This has clearly not been possible but because we have plenty of space, we have still managed to provide a wide range of different services for local charities and organisations such as the NHS, all of whom have been able to meet and socially distance. I would invite any other organisation that needs to meet in a safe environment to come and talk to us – we would be happy to help.”

In addition to the Blood Transfusion Service, the local ambulance and the Red Cross have also been regular users of Saxon Hall, but sadly, while the Centre can house these events, it is prevented from providing its usual teas, coffees and other refreshments.


Movember - Jas Bassan

I have always been a person who loved mystery and magic. And Freemasonary I found that. I knew of it and I used to see men in suits with Briefcases walking through the station and always found them to be polite decent men.

Then one day I was asked by a friend if I’d like to meet for a few drinks with others. And next thing I new I was asked to join Shepard’s Bush Lodge 1828. And my eyes were opened to some of the amazing work we do and the friendships that were to be made.

Along the route my work life balance over took for a while and I wanted a Lodge which was close r to home, and St Laurence 5511 stood out with their wonderful website. And the rest was history. I completed my Second and Masters Degree with men who would gladly call Brothers. I made some amazing friends at this Lodge and St Laurence really opened my eyes about what Freemasonary is all about.

During this journey, someone very close to me is battling Cancer. Every year for nearly 5 years I have every November participated in MOVEMBER- growing a Moustache over the November month and to raise money for charity. Being a Mason I would always contribute towards a charity, but because this was personal I thought I would try to raise a few quid. I had thought a hundred pounds raised for Cancer would have been amazing, but this figure so far within a week has been smashed! Within 5 days I managed to raise over £2500!!! And this was all donated by friends, Brothers and family!!! But I want to smash this figure further!! Cancer is a horrible nasty disease and can effect anyone. Not only the sufferer but their loved ones. And hand on heart my loved ones battle is my battle. And this is why I have pushed for a massive raise!

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