Saxon Hall helping our NHS

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Saxon Hall, home to Freemasons in south east Essex, might be in lockdown with the rest of the country, but it continues to do its bit for the health of the country – helping the NHS, the ambulance service and the Red Cross.

The Pandemic means change for everyone and that includes, Saxon Hall’s flagship banqueting suite – the Jubilee – which will be turned into a temporary blood donation centre on selected days during the winter.

The Service have chosen the centre as it is big enough to cope with the numbers expected locally who want to give blood – and in case you were wondering - this is how the suite, usually reserved for dinners and dances, looked earlier this month after the NHS had installed all of its equipment.

Dennis Baum, Chairman of Saxon Hall commented: “In normal times Saxon Hall would be hosting at least two Masonic meetings every day and a wide range of other social events such as conferences and dinner dances.”

“This has clearly not been possible but because we have plenty of space, we have still managed to provide a wide range of different services for local charities and organisations such as the NHS, all of whom have been able to meet and socially distance. I would invite any other organisation that needs to meet in a safe environment to come and talk to us – we would be happy to help.”

In addition to the Blood Transfusion Service, the local ambulance and the Red Cross have also been regular users of Saxon Hall, but sadly, while the Centre can house these events, it is prevented from providing its usual teas, coffees and other refreshments.