Solomon and the Lodge Officers’ Jewels

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A number of Brethren in Essex are part of the Solomon User Group (SUG) which is a module on Solomon where new items designed by the Learning and Development Team are tried by ‘lead users’ who give feedback before the material goes live for all users. The current item being reviewed is all about the Lodge Officers’ Jewels.

Imagine a busy Installation Meeting where the collars have got mixed up and as you are sitting the closest to them the Worshipful Master looks at you and asks you to put them in order so he can invest his Officers. Three well designed introductory quizzes cover matching the officer to the jewel, the jewel to the officer and a timed quiz to identify the jewels for all the officers of a lodge. Then comes the fourth quiz called ‘Precedence of Officers’ which is described as fiendishly difficult with only two minutes to sort all the collars. This quiz has only one question but if you get it wrong a brother may be invested with the wrong collar and jewel.

The concept of the tests is first class and practising this way will help any brother make a useful contribution to the smooth running of proceedings at a busy Installation meeting with the added bonus of becoming more familiar with the Book of Constitutions Rule 104(d). Do look out for this and other new modules as they are a good way of “fostering curiosity and developing understanding”.